Connecting to the Internet via Modem for Windows Vista


System-safe Instructions

During the configuration and use of a dial-up network connection, you may be at times prompted by a User Account Control window asking if you want to proceed with a particular action. If this window has appeared as a result of following the instructions in this document, it is safe to click on the Continue button to proceed.

Creating a PPP Connection

To connect Windows Vista to the Internet, you must first create a dialup connection.

  • Click on the Start menu, and select Connect To.
  • In the Connect to a network window, click on the Set up a connection or network option.

  • When prompted to choose a connection option, select Set up a dial-up connection and click Next.
  • In the Dial-up phone number field, type the appropriate number based on your location.
    Richmond, VA (804)915-0055

  • In the User name field, enter your Access Technology username. Your username is your Access Technology e-mail address with the domain suffix.
  • If you want your Windows to store your password, enter the password for your account in the Password and click on the Remember this password fields.

    Although you can click on the Show characters checkbox to ensure you have entered the correct password, you should not leave this box checked, as it will allow anyone with access to your computer to view your saved password.

  • In the Connection name field, enter a name for this connection, such as "Access Technology". This name should be unique from the other dialup connections you may have created.
  • Click on the Connect button once you have entered the appropriate information to have Windows try to dial establish the dialup connection.

Once Windows has successfully established the dialup connection, you may be prompted to select a location for your PPP connection. Select the option appropriate for your current location.

Disconnecting from Dialup

To disconnect from the Internet:

  • Click on the Start menu, and select Connect To.
  • In the Connect to a network window, select the dialup connection and click on the Disconnect button.

Windows will disconnect from the modem pool. Press the Close button to dismiss the connection window.

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